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ServerCenarion Circle


07/22/2018 03:23 AM

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Raiders Inc of Cenarion Circle
Fun but serious guild for assisting all players to be the best raider they can be.
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We are a newer guild focused on assisting each other and having fun while preparing for Legion. Being a newer guild doesn't mean we are new to the game, only that we see a place in the world for a guild primarily focused on leveling and gearing new raiders, without negativity. We are open to all applicants at this time, if you are willing to assist with guild achieves until our first raids, please let us know. Our ultimate goal will be to run two primary raid teams, one for gearing fresh 100s, and a second team once everyone is geared for heroic progression. We are approachable, and will do our best to build strong teams.
Death Knight Death Knight
Druid Druid
Hunter Hunter
Mage Mage
Monk Monk
Paladin Paladin
Priest Priest
Rogue Rogue
Shaman Shaman
Warlock Warlock
Warrior Warrior
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First Highmaul Normal Run - September 16th 9p-12a
08/30/2015 06:57 PM by Taylah
Attention all new members - bring your 100 level characters to our first guild raid. Join on our calendar and we'll see you there!


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